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The Wet Process
Aug 29, 2016

Only in wet-process rotary kiln process description and analysis. Wet-process rotary kiln is usually longer (length-diameter ratio of 30~40), to increase the heat transfer area of kiln, kiln chain hanging, accelerating the evaporation. Wet method rotary kiln production Shi in raw mill in the joined water, will raw made containing water for 30%~40% of material pulp, by are of reached requirements of material pulp by kiln head feeding machine into kiln within calcined mature material, out kiln clinker by cooling machine cooling, into clinker library, coal by drying and powder mill into coal powder Hou again burning supply to clinker calcined by needed heat.

Wet process rotary kiln calcination characteristics: due to raw material made of mud, strong adaptability to heterogeneous material, raw ingredients evenly, stable technology, firing high clinker quality, high strength clinker, less dust during grinding, kiln tail-less fly ash. Wet slurry evaporation 30%~40% water, require larger heat energy consumption of cement cost 1/2~1/3, kiln dry-process rotary kiln are high. Wet production due to the high heat consumption, energy consumption, water consumption and production, and consumption of water resources, my wet process cement production as had been limiting out of kiln type.