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The role of rotary kiln
Aug 29, 2016

Rotary kiln

1. its technical performance and functioning, to a large extent determines the product's quality, productivity and costs. "As long as large kilns, and there are innumerable" this ballad is the vivid description of the importance of rotary kiln in production.

2. building materials industries, in addition to calcine cement clinker in rotary kiln, a calcined clay, limestone and slag drying, and so on; in the production of refractory materials using calcined in rotary kiln raw material, which increases dimensional stability, strength, and processing.

3. mineral processing process, the magnetizing roasting of poor iron ore by rotary kiln to make change of weak magnetic ore to strong magnetic, to facilitate the magnetic separation.

4. the chemical industry, with rotary kiln production soda, calcined phosphate, barium sulfate and so on. 60 of the last century, United States LapPle, invented the new technology of rotary kiln phosphoric acid. This method with low energy consumption, less electricity, any unused sulfuric acid and advantages of middle-low grade phosphate rock.

5. cement production process as a whole as "two of grinding burn", where "burn" is prepared by grinding raw meal, in rotary kiln under high temperature of clinker burning process. Therefore, the rotary kiln cement production host, commonly known as the cement factory of "heart".

6. in the area of environmental protection, the developed countries in the world use of cement kilns firing hazardous waste, garbage has more than 20 years of history, not only make waste reduction, detoxification and waste as fuel, saving coal and waste of resources.