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Rotary Kiln Process
Aug 29, 2016

1, clay-grain rotary kiln equipment by Rotary cylinder, supporting device with roller bearing device and kiln, kiln sealed device, gunning pipe device components.

2, the kiln has a certain angle with level, the entire kiln support wheel bearing and wheel blocking device to control kiln body bounce up.

3, transmission parts subject to set outside the main drive, also set up in order to ensure in can still make the kiln when the main transmission is interrupted, slowly rotating, the prevention of deformation of the kiln body auxiliary actuator. Hengchang kiln shell and hood seals, kiln equipped with axial contact type sealing devices, ensuring reliability of sealing.

4, working temperature (950 ¡æ ~1050 ¡æ), calcination of ultra-fine kaolinite, works on argilla, and according to the level of how much to adjust the temperature of the material, and ultimately achieve their desired goals, this calcination technology proven: decarbonization whitening by dehydration, low energy consumption, product, performance and good stability.