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Mining Equipment The Trend Of
Jul 25, 2017

Most of the deposits are mined by ordinary mechanization, Mining Equipment and mechanized mining is divided into two categories: open pit mining (including ore and sand) and underground mining. Opencast mining stripping the ore body overlying strata and then mining from top to bottom It is possible to use large-scale mining machinery, safe operation, less ore loss, low dilution rate, large production capacity, Mining Equipment low mining cost, large-scale poor iron ore deposit and building material deposit. Mining Equipment The depth of the ore body is large, the thickness of the ore body is small, the stripping workload is very large, its economic benefit is lower than the underground mining or the need to protect the surface and landscape, then the underground mining method. Occurrence of complex conditions, industrial reserves of small colored And rare earth deposits in this way.Mining Equipment In recent years, underground mines using tailings cementation filling mining method, which can effectively protect the surface and deal with tailings pollution in some countries after the development of open pit mining, with the depth of mining and environmental protection requirements Increase, Mining Equipment underground mining has increased the trend.

Special mining methods include underground physical and chemical mining and marine mining. Physical chemistry is leaching, dissolving or melting of useful ingredients, the solution or melt from the ground lift to the ground extraction. Such methods to invest in the province, Mining Equipment quick, good working conditions , Mining Equipment Only for copper, uranium and some other metal minerals and salt, alkali, natural sulfur, etc .. Coastal shelf and the ocean floor contains a lot of useful minerals, but the ocean floor of the manganese nodules are still in the trial stage. The whole mining method of mining Minerals account for a small proportion.

The development of the deposit is shown in the figure, Mining Equipment which includes two major projects: the infrastructure development project and the production of mining engineering.The mine underground development should excavate a series of roadways or channels to reach the ore body and build a complete mining production system for production and use.

(Including underground mining methods); Mining Equipment open-pit mining includes perforation, blasting and blasting operations, such as perforation and blasting operations, as well as mining, (See open pit mining method). ③ transport, will be transported into the transport container of ore transported to the concentrator or mine (see mine upgrade, mine transport, open pit transport). ④ management roadway pressure, And the open-pit mine slope. ⑤ in the ore transport process, through the mine, stack, the ore mix, Mining Equipment to ensure the quality of the production of ore stability. ⑥ roadway excavation and stripping the output of waste rock abandoned to waste rock Field.

Due to the different geological conditions of the deposit and the technical conditions of the mine, the mining methods are numerous, different mining methods, Mining Equipment their mining process, mining machinery and equipment, mining area roadway arrangement and mining order are also different.Mine mining method is improperly selected, Mining Equipment will long-term impact of mine production Of the technical indicators and economic benefits of the major production processes have to choose the appropriate machinery and equipment in order to obtain the best economic results.