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Mining Equipment The Effect Is Reduced
Sep 28, 2017

The power transmission of the cement industry is mainly driven by gears, belts, Mining Equipment couplings and so on. Normal gear transmission, meshing sound more uniform, vibration is also relatively stable, but in the bearings, gears, shafts, keys and other problems, the overlap coefficient decreases, the engagement accuracy is reduced, will produce shock vibration, noise. I plant a character gear reducer, there have been broken teeth accident, cut off part of the total length of about 40%, resulting in periodic sound and vibration, Mining Equipment until the replacement so far. When the bearing is damaged, the gear is unstable and the impact is continuous. The level of the spur gear increases in the vertical direction and the helical gear increases axially. When the key is cut or the key is loose, there is abnormal meshing, the impact frequency is low, Instability, vibration in the vertical, horizontal direction increases; gear pitting, noise vibration increases, spur gear vibration to the vertical direction, helical gear to the main axis; broken teeth when the impact of heavy, frequency and speed related, Vertical vibration value is large; Mining Equipment shaft when the gear ring sound, when the light weight comparison law, frequency and speed consistent, vibration to the horizontal direction is large. Belt vibration in the belt of the elastic, bearing damage caused by the typical vibration, the belt is too loose, causing vibration, speed instability, the belt up and down jitter, issued a beat sound, Mining Equipment vibration direction in the pulley connection; bearing Damage, in addition to the above characteristics, accompanied by abnormal bearing sound and vibration. Transmission is also common and prominent vibration, is the coupling, due to coaxial degree is not good, running disturbance, axial vibration.

The vibration of the equipment is closely related to the loosening of the fasteners. When the anchor bolts are loose, the damping effect on the vibration is reduced, Mining Equipment the equipment is bumpy, the vibration parameters are unstable, and the fasteners or parts inside the equipment are loosened. sound. If the loosening caused by imbalance, the level of vibration increases; if the loose caused by positioning failure occurs in the axial, then the axial vibration, occurred in the radial, horizontal and vertical vibration increases; Mining Equipment if the interference caused by interference, will produce The impact of vibration, vibration increased in the direction of interference. Bearing seat loose, vibration characteristics in the vertical direction.

The vibration caused by mutual interference, some inside the device, some outside the device, some between the running parts, and some between the running parts and the stationary parts. Mining Equipment If the fan inlet and impeller friction, it should repair the air inlet, to eliminate its interference on the impeller. No shell equipment or components and the interference of adjacent objects, such as pipe mill end cap bolts loose exit, will interfere with the basis of vibration, the coupling of the pin will come out of the collision bearing vibration, etc., Mining Equipment should be timely bolts, The pin is reset to allow it to run within the allowed space.

Equipment vibration great harm, should not exceed 1.5 times the allowable value, more than 2 times must be handled, if the control is not good, it will cause a malignant accident, Mining Equipment to be treated with caution. For the vibration, the current analysis methods and testing methods have been quite advanced, Mining Equipment but not yet popular in the cement industry, hope that the text of the equipment managers can play a role.