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Mining Equipment Release Rate
Oct 11, 2017

The development of mine filling technology has gone through many stages. Mining Equipment At the beginning of the 20th century, many mines have adopted the water sand filling process, which is prone to safety accidents and clogging problems. With the emergence of cutting wall filling mining method, Due to collapse with the veins caused by the collapse of waste rock caused by excessive depletion; the 20th century, Mining Equipment 40 years to 50 years back to the traditional way of wood support; the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mining Equipment due to rock blasting caused by casualties became the main Problem, filling method has re-emerged, people have established a variety of mathematical models to predict the rate of energy release, filling design; 1973 by Ernie Gore used in the filling process, the excavated waste rock in the stope by jaw crushing Machine crushed to 25mm below, Mining Equipment and then use the supercharger to fly the waste rock and water to the stope has been built in the box; 1977 plus cement dewatering tailings filling system built to use, but this method centrifugal dewatering machine A lot of practical problems, and in some cases, a large number of compressed air pollution is harmful to health; the early 80s, many mines began to use graded tailings as the basic charge Fill the aggregate, this system is economical and simple and suitable for narrow and deep stope. The advantage of using graded tailings in deep well mines is that all preparatory work can be carried out on the surface and have minimal impact on existing mine infrastructures. And the filling and filling of the filling material does not require the dewatering or mechanical dewatering facilities in the pit, the filling body can control the ground pressure, Mining Equipment support the upper and lower wall rocks, reduce, delay and prevent the destruction and movement of the surrounding rock, As a continuous recovery of the workstations, or mining mined, once after the filling to support the upper and lower disc around the ore, so that the adjacent pillars to a smooth recovery. At present, the pipeline self-flow of the cementing filling system has been widely used in metal mines.

The filling process involves the safety and economic benefits of the mine, which has aroused widespread concern in the mining industry at home and abroad. In the case of colored, Mining Equipment gold and other mines, the filling process involves the double effect of environmental protection and the improvement of ore recovery. More and more widely used, made a lot of research results.

The main problem with cementing is that the cost of filling is too high and cement costs account for nearly 60% to 80% of the cost of cementing. Therefore, an important way to reduce the cost of cementing is to find cement alternatives to reduce cement consumption. Domestic and foreign research and application practice shows that the smelter water quenching slag, thermal power plant fly ash, aluminum plant red mud, Mining Equipment are good performance cement alternatives. In particular, fly ash, in addition to partially replace the cement to reduce the filling costs, but also can improve the slurry flow performance, improve the slurry suspension, so the application is more extensive.

Through the high water velocity coagulation of the whole tail sand filling filling new technology test, the use of high water quick-setting material, and the whole tail mortar mixed into the mass concentration of 30% -70% of the filling slurry, filling the stope, without dehydration, 8h can be on the equipment operations. Although the use of high-alumina high-water quick-setting material there are still shortcomings, Mining Equipment but the material basically solved the tailings deslimation, underground drainage, stope docking and other technical problems, in order to better use full tailings Opened up a new field, but also for the development of a wide range of materials, Mining Equipment low cost, better performance of the new high water quick settling material laid the foundation.

The new technology has been popularized and applied. The process is that the underground excavation waste rock without holes, directly into the mined-out area or stope, waste rock and cement mortar alternately cut, the natural mix to build stone cementing filling, as the stone and mortar separate delivery, Mining Equipment the use of mortar The strength of the filling body is close to the strength of concrete cementation. Compared with the concrete cementation, the filling efficiency is improved, the process is simpler, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the technical economy is obtained. effect.