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Mining Equipment Profile
Oct 17, 2017

Mining machinery is the mechanical equipment used for the direct exploitation of useful minerals and mining preparations, mainly mining and excavating machinery for mining of metallic ores and non-metallic ores; Coal mining machinery for mining; Oil drilling machinery for oil exploitation.

The machinery of mine mining

From the equipment level, the open mine equipment can be divided into three types:

(1) the small mining equipment is single, small and unmatched; Some processes are now manual manual labor.

(2) there is a high degree of mechanization of medium and individual large mines, but the equipment is obsolete and inefficient.

(3) a small number of large mines adopt imported or domestic modern equipment, such as toothed wheel drill, electric wheel automobile, large bucket capacity excavator, and high-power bulldozer, etc., which can form a complete set of operating lines and are more efficient.

The approximate difference between the standard type

LR the big arm's length more than 27 meters 8 meters long and more than standard bucket rod length of more than 18 m nearly 6 meters more than standard and to excavate the radius is 34.7 meters (standard 26.8 meters), but 19 cubic meters of less than half of the standard model bucket size! On the power side, the bucket lift motor and rotary motor power seem to be smaller than standard. The XPA version, with a bucket capacity of more than 60 square metres and a weight of nearly 2,000 tonnes, is the world's largest double caterpillar electric shovel.

Introduction to mining machinery

Coal winning machine

The first typhoon moving round coal mining machine was designed by British engineer walker, which was made in 1868. In the 1880s, hundreds of Wells in the United States were successfully drilled with steam. In 1907, it was used to drill Wells and natural gas Wells with a toothwheel drill, and it was used in open-pit mine drilling [1] since 1937.

Mining machinery

The mining machinery is mainly used for underground and open-pit mining, including drilling machinery for drilling holes. Excavating machinery and handling machinery for mining rocks; Drilling machines for digging through patio, shaft and entry. [1]

Drilling machinery

Drilling machines are divided into drill RIGS and drilling RIGS, and drill RIGS and underground drilling RIGS. Rock drill is used in above medium hard rock, drill for 20 ~ 100 mm in diameter, depth, hole within 20 meters of machinery, according to the different power can be divided into pneumatic, diesel, hydraulic and electric drill, among them the most widely pneumatic rock drill; Open-air drill press broken ore-bearing work organization is different, divided into steel rope impact drill, DTH drill, rock drill and rotary drilling rig, the steel rope percussion drill because of low efficiency, has been gradually replaced by other drill.

The tunneling machine is the axial pressure and rotary force of the tool to produce rolling pressure on the rock surface, directly crushing the forming or forming machinery of the rock. The used knife has disc cutter, wedge gear hob, ball gear hob and milling cutter. According to the different tunneling roadway, it can be divided into two types: tianjing drilling rig, shaft drilling rig and roadway boring machine.