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Mining Equipment Improve Mining Efficiency
Aug 17, 2017

Over the past 30 years, underground mines rely on equipment to improve production efficiency by 3 to 5 times or higher. At present, people are trying to develop and develop suitable for continuous mining of mining equipment, with a view to further improve the mining efficiency. In the open pit mine, relying on equipment to improve the production process, improve economic efficiency, expand the mining boundary effect is more obvious. Throughout the development of mining technology, you can see the innovation of mining machinery is the source of power, so vigorously develop the mining machinery and equipment is the current large-scale development of mine production of important protection. With the mining into the deep ore mining, due to deep well mining there is a high ground stress, high temperature prominent problems, so that mining operations encountered a series of technical problems, to solve the above problems, the key is to establish and improve a set of mine operation process and Environmental status of the system of real-time dynamic monitoring, analysis and effective control of the technical system to digital, information technology, virtualization and integration as the basis, to achieve the integration of computer network management and control of intelligent mining.

In order to maintain the mining industry's competitive advantage, Finland has proposed intelligent mine technology program. The main purpose of the program is to achieve real-time production control of hard rock open pit and underground mines, automation of mine equipment and the use of high-tech to improve mine production efficiency and economic efficiency. Intelligent mine is based on mine history information, mining site information and market information real-time control to achieve optimal economic production of high-tech open-pit mine and underground mine, Figure l for the overall structure of intelligent mine.

From a global perspective, Sweden's Kina Nairn Iron and Nippon International Nickel's mines are two typical representatives that rely on mining equipment to improve mining efficiency and promote the steady development of the mine. In the case of Kirinoda iron ore, although the long-term mining makes the mining conditions gradually deteriorated, but its annual production capacity has been maintained at more than 10 million tons, of which although the management level of factors, but the equipment and mining technology Is the most basic and most important factor. In 1983, the segmentation height of the Kiruna iron ore section was 12 m, using the Atatas Copco drilling tool with a diameter of 57 mm and the Simba 323 type pneumatic drills were drilled, Capacity of the Cat980 diesel loader loading. The current section of the caving height has increased to 30m, drilling mainly with heavy hydraulic rock drill or submersible hydraulic drilling machine, drilling diameter of 115mm, 85% of the ore with the bucket capacity of 15 ~ 25t electric loader loading, loading operations from 5 working days per week to 7 days Some mining area also used night work system.

In China, Fankou Lead-Zinc Mine and Jinchuan Company are two typical underground metal mines that rely on equipment to improve, improve mining technology and process to improve production efficiency. China is moving in the direction of intelligent digital development, automated dispatching system, automatic control of mining equipment, intelligent global positioning system and other modern technology has also been in some mines to promote the application, and achieved very good results. But the overall level compared with foreign developed countries, the gap is still great.