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Mining Equipment Continuous Improvement
Jun 05, 2017

Mining Equipment With the continuous progress of mechanical equipment manufacturing technology and research, the mechanical equipment used in the actual production of mines has also made rapid development. On the way of exploring industrialization and informatization in the new century of our country, Mining Equipment the development requirements of resources exploitation technology and equipment are put forward, so the development of mining machinery and equipment as an important force to promote mining technological innovation is facing a great test. Mining Equipment This paper compares the characteristics and differences of mining machinery and equipment at home and abroad, and probes into the trend of large-scale and intelligent development of mining machinery and equipment.

In order to maintain the competitive advantage of the mining industry, Finland has proposed an intelligent mine technology plan. The main purpose of the program is to achieve real-time production control of hard rock open-pit and underground mines, automation of mining equipment and high technology to improve the efficiency and economic benefits of mines. Intelligent mine is an automatic High-tech Open-pit mine and underground mine, which is based on mine historical information, mining site information and real-time control to achieve the optimal economic production, and fig.

From a worldwide perspective, the mines of Kiruna, Mining Equipment Sweden and the Canadian International Nickel Corporation are typical representatives of two of advances in mining equipment to improve mining efficiency and promote steady development of mines. In the case of Kiruna iron ore, although long term mining has made the mine's mining conditions gradually worse, but its annual production capacity has been maintained at more than tens of millions of tons, including the level of management factors, but the equipment and mining technology progress is the most basic and most important factor. In 1983, the section height of the Sublevel caving method of the Kiruna iron ore was 12m, and the Copco (Atllas Copco) company bore the Simba323 type pneumatic rock drilling rig with 57mm drilling diameter, and the Cat980 type diesel loader with 8t bucket capacity was loaded. At present, the height of sublevel caving has been increased to 30m, drilling mainly with heavy-duty hydraulic rock drilling machine or DTH hydraulic drilling rig, Mining Equipment the diameter of the borehole 115mm of the mine with bucket capacity for 15 25t loader load, loading operations also from 5 working days a week to 7 days some mining areas also use night work system.

In addition, many foreign companies actively use remote control technology in metal mines, such as the Swedish LKAB company in its underground iron ore, the use of advanced remote control technology, 1 people can simultaneously remote control 3 scraper operations; Canadian Inco Company has successfully developed the remote control technology of drilling, blasting initiation, shovel and shotcrete, etc. using underground communication, Mining Equipment positioning and guidance, and process monitoring technology, remote control mining equipment and process system. With the great progress of telemetry, data communication and processing and manipulator, remote control technology will become the common feature of mining in the future.

(1) The equipment standard of mine intellectualized system should be determined rationally according to the factors such as mine design ability, mining technical condition, mechanization equipment level and intelligent technology development level. (2) The mine intellectualized system must take the guarantee production safety as the principle, enhances the production efficiency, the guarantee product quality, the improvement working conditions, Mining Equipment enhances the economic efficiency as the goal, uses the effective, the quality reliable advanced technology and the equipment. (3) Mine safety, production monitoring system and Computer Management system should be divided into network, and to achieve communication between the network. The integration of the above systems can be implemented when conditions permit.