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Mining Equipment Advanced Equipment
May 15, 2017

October 1, 2014, the whole nation celebrated the founding of New China 65 year anniversary, National machine heavy Industry first batch of 25 mines trucks, 5 excavators stationed in Yunnan Province, a large lead-zinc mine.

The large scale Pb-Zn mine is steep and the mining Mining Equipment conditions are extremely harsh. This requires that mining development must be based on advanced equipment. Before the project party has been to introduce foreign equipment mainly, rarely use Mining Equipment domestic equipment construction. But national machine heavy industry relies on the abundant equipment R & D and manufacturing strength, in line with the principle of providing more quality service to the user actively exploring the market, finally breaking the situation.

The equipment stationed, national machine Heavy Industry Mining division joint Local agents, and local engineering construction company, Mining Equipment combined with the abundant experience in R & D and manufacturing of the mine complete equipment, the first new service model has been opened in China, realizing the "Trinity", omni-directional, 24-hour service support system, guaranteed the complete accessory guarantee, thus can provide quicker and high quality service for the construction. This cooperation model opened the domestic complete sets of mining machinery application case precedent, has been fully recognized by the customer. The establishment of the model, not only for domestic equipment complete set of services to provide valuable experience, for domestic equipment based on large mines provide a strong safeguard, but also for the mining of the high efficiency of the new ideas.

The country machine heavy industrial mine equipment in this project application, predicts the domestic complete sets of mining equipments obtains the world Mining Equipment first-class mine recognition, is also the country machine heavy industry mining equipment complete sets, the large-scale research and development achievement a strong proof.

In mining, earthwork and rock engineering construction, the use of Wirtgen open pit mining machine can achieve cutting, crushing and loading one-time completion, compared with the drilling and blasting traditional craft, more economical and environmental protection.

In the process of mining, the Wirtgen open-pit mining equipment can achieve selective mining, significantly reducing the required equipment, labor, time and production of stripping. At the same time, open-pit mining equipment can produce small-grained mining materials, thus eliminating the need for separate fragmentation.

The rotor rotates with the machine backwards, layered cutting rocks and crushing. The mining material is transported to the unloading belt of the rear part of the machine through the receiving belt, the discharging belt can swing and is highly adjustable.

The unloading belt then loads the mining onto the truck or dump truck, or unloads it to the side of the machine. Unloading height can be adjusted according to the height of transport vehicles.

The Wirtgen open-pit mining equipment is equipped with four adjustable, highly tunable crawler-walking devices. Automatic leveling system ensures precise control of the depth of the Mining Equipment cutting, so that the selective mining of effective minerals has higher accuracy.

Mining equipment may exploit minerals such as coal mines, gypsum, iron ore, salt mines, phosphate, bauxite, limestone or granite, and ensure high purity. The Wirtgen open-pit mining machine has increasingly been used as the main mining equipment for new open-pit mines or existing mines.

In addition, open-pit mining equipment can also be used to cut smooth ground, pavement, slope and tunnel bottom its application range not only to include relatively small hardness of raw coal, also including the hardness of large iron ore and granite, etc., not only for metal minerals, but also for such as limestone, gypsum and other non-metallic minerals.