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Main Structure Of Rotary Kiln
Aug 29, 2016

Kiln parts

Kiln is a kiln discharge parts, diameter greater than diameter of rotary kiln, fish scales and the kiln through stainless steel seal, main component overhaul, pulverized mouth parts such as, car, the port hole.

Kiln parts

It is the rotary kiln (rotary kiln), usually is 30~150 meters long, cylinder-shaped, with 3~5 rolled coil in the middle. Cylinders from plants into 3~10, formed by the welding of large trucks to their destination. Tyre also commonly known as (tyre) formed by the steel casting, roller kiln partly due to load-bearing kiln plate slightly thicker than others. Support tugboats are also part of the kiln and roller connected to the Foundation, is the load-bearing pillars of the rotary kiln. Usually a roller set, consisting of two rollers and two gear wheels. Rotary kiln running inside to be covered with fire-resistant brick.

Kiln parts

Kiln parts is an important part of rotary kiln, on the lid of the feeding end shaped similar to a rotary kiln, is mainly responsible for feeding and sealing.

Rotary kiln supporting frame

1. rotary kiln supporting frame can make the device of rotary kiln solid, make it work without shaking, stability of production;

2. rotary kiln supporting mainly fixed our rotary kiln equipment, at the time of its use to prevent the deformation of rotary kiln equipment, we all know if improper operation of rotary kiln equipment will take shape, so its role in this;

3. bracket can facilitate our rotary kiln kiln equipment hoisting, convenient transportation.

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