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Gypsum Equipment Widely Used
Jun 05, 2017

Gypsum Equipment is an important nonmetallic mineral resource, which is widely used, and with the rapid development of economy in recent years, the gypsum industry has been developed and promoted rapidly. The production of raw materials from the previous single natural gypsum development as a natural gypsum, all kinds of vice-production of gypsum and other common applications coexist, even in some areas of gypsum substitutes for natural gypsum as the dominant raw materials, at the same time no natural gypsum resources in the area because of the use of gypsum by by-product of Gypsum Gypsum products from the traditional architectural gypsum and common mold gypsum development to the paper gypsum board, gypsum wall material as the main product system, building gypsum powder, gypsum mortar, Gypsum Equipment such as the main building powder system, the ceramic mould powder system composed of high performance β powder and α powder, the special gypsum powder system with α gypsum powder and superhard gypsum powder as main body; traditional intermittent small-scale gypsum calcination equipment and technology development for the large-scale continuous calcination equipment as the main body of various characteristics of the calcination equipment and technology, With the large-scale indirect heat transfer equipment as the model of high performance gypsum products calcination equipment, direct heat transfer for the model of burning type of calcination equipment, all kinds of auxiliary gypsum calcination technology and technology, various types of performance and use of alpha gypsum production technology and technology, the calcination equipment with conventional coal combustion as the main body is developed as a new type of coal burning equipment, Gypsum Equipment gas calcination equipment and environment-friendly calcination equipment with steam as heat source, and how to produce the most valuable gypsum products by using the raw materials of various characteristics and ingredients, Or how to use the smallest or most suitable inputs to achieve its maximum efficiency and the most effective extraction of its value; it needs the characteristics of all kinds of raw materials, product requirements, use, characteristics, technology and equipment adaptability, characteristics, requirements such as a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the project in order to choose the most suitable equipment, technology, technology, to do the most appropriate input, get the most favorable return; in the project selection, certainly not the larger the project scale, the more sophisticated technology, Gypsum Equipment in investment, Certainly not the bigger the better, also is not the less the better, suitable for raw materials and product characteristics of investment is the best;

Natural gypsum is the nature of gypsum stone, mainly dihydrate gypsum and anhydrite, in nature, more reserves. China's gypsum mineral resources are rich in reserves, the total amount of all types of gypsum has been proven to be about 60 billion tons, with the world's first, distributed in the country's 23 major provinces, city, autonomous region, which has more than 1 billion tons of reserves of 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, in turn: Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hunan, Hubei, Ningxia, Tibet, Anhui, Gypsum Equipment Jiangsu and Sichuan, gypsum resources are relatively poor northeast and east China.

Although the gypsum resources in China are large in reserves, the quantity of high quality gypsum resources is very little, and most of them are common gypsum and anhydrite, and anhydrite is more than 60% of gypsum. Therefore, China is also a high-quality gypsum resources of poor countries, high-quality gypsum resources accounted for only 8% of the total resources (mainly the grade and a gypsum). Fiber gypsum reserves accounted for only 1.8% of the total reserves, mainly distributed in Hubei Yingcheng and Jingmen, Hunan Hengshan, Gypsum Equipment Guangdong Sanshui, Shandong Zaozhuang, Shanxi Pinglu and other regions, some of the mining has been overexploitation and close to exhaustion, Gypsum Equipment and some of the occurrence is due to a large number of low-grade gypsum ore mixed with difficult to separate resources waste Therefore, in the actual production, can be mined and effective use of high-quality gypsum resources less.

The natural gypsum resources have wide application range, according to their quality grade and regional difference, the price of ore differs greatly, the use is also completely different; the main purpose and requirements are as follows:

The amount of gypsum added to cement is generally $number, the main use of which is SO3, the general requirements of ore SO3 more than 25.56%, that is CA SO4 2 $literal content of more than 55% can basically meet the requirements, but considering the amount of added, cost and other reasons, some areas will require SO3 more than 36%;