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Gypsum Equipment The Benign Development
Aug 02, 2017

In recent years, for the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction policies, Gypsum Equipment the state has introduced a series of laws, regulations and policies to promote sulfur dioxide control in thermal power plants, and accelerated the construction of flue gas desulphurization facilities for coal-fired enterprises such as thermal power plants and coking plants. Desulfurization gypsum is sulfur-containing fuel (coal, oil, etc.) after the combustion of flue gas desulfurization and purification of industrial by-products, Gypsum Equipment is expected by 2010, China's gypsum production in more than 40 million tons. Gypsum Equipment Such a large amount of desulfurization gypsum if not to be integrated development and utilization, both on the environment caused by secondary pollution, but also to the discharge of enterprises to bring a huge burden, seriously hampered the healthy development of enterprises. Gypsum Equipment Obviously, to speed up the application of desulfurization gypsum technology research and development, to promote the process of desulfurization gypsum, become the current urgent task.

Desulfurization gypsum dihydrate calcium sulfate content can be as high as 95%, and high quality natural dihydrate gypsum, its purity, strength, crystal water is also better than natural gypsum, can replace natural gypsum, widely used in gypsum board, gypsum lines, gypsum Block, no beam floor fasting material - gypsum mold box, stucco plaster, insulation plaster and other products. Based on this,   Wuhan Metallurgical Building Research Institute jointly set up a research group, Gypsum Equipment launched a desulfurization gypsum powder products technology and equipment as the main application and demonstration research, through A few years of efforts, has made a number of desulfurization gypsum powder equipment and technology research and patents, in Hubei, Zhejiang, Guizhou, Guangdong, Sichuan and other places have built an annual output of 50,000 tons of gypsum powder production line 6 and With an annual output of 250,000 square meters of automatic gypsum block production line 13, gypsum powder, gypsum block, gypsum mold box, gypsum powder, gypsum putty and other products have been successfully used in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Wuhan and the surrounding Area, the application effect is good, by the user praise, desulfurization gypsum milling and product technology, equipment application and demonstration has achieved initial success.

At present, the main equipment of domestic gypsum calcined rotary kiln, Gypsum Equipment vertical wok and a small amount of imported equipment Peter furnace; Gypsum Equipment calcination of the basic process is based on coal as raw material, through indirect heat exchange, so that the container dihydrate gypsum powder by heat conduction dehydration To form semi-water gypsum as the main component of the building gypsum. As China's calcination technology and developed countries compared to the larger gap, significantly higher energy consumption, with gypsum production of a ton of construction gypsum domestic demand 45-80 million kcal heat, and developed countries are generally 20-25 million kcal, Gypsum Equipment air emissions In the SO2 and dust high, product quality is not stable. To this end, to Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and other developed countries to learn, for the desulfurization gypsum and other industrial by-product gypsum calcination, research new energy-saving environmental protection equipment imminent, as an annual output of 1.2 million tons of gypsum ore, gypsum powder 300,000 tons of Hubei Longyuan Gypsum (Group) Co., Ltd., and Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan Metallurgical Building Research Institute jointly set up a research group, around the desulphurization gypsum calcined milling process and equipment launched a series of research, Gypsum Equipment first for the desulfurization gypsum high purity, High strength, calcined semi-water gypsum powder condensation time is short, combined with my company for many years engaged in natural gypsum powder grinding process technology experience, after repeated comparison test, established the power plant desulfurization gypsum broken, hammer grinding, drying, Gypsum Equipment Graded one step to complete the air flow calcination process, Gypsum Equipment developed a second chase the hot one-step continuous airflow flash furnace, the test, the equipment with a gypsum production of a ton of construction gypsum heat of 30-40 million kcal, energy-saving effect is obvious. Milling technology and equipment has been identified by the Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of experts, Gypsum Equipment the experts believe that: the traditional gypsum drying indirect calcined to one-step air-type continuous drying calcination process and equipment in the country is a pioneering work.