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Gypsum Equipment Technical Advantages
Aug 17, 2017

Gypsum equipment has many years of research and development, manufacturing and installation of advanced experience, is the gypsum line equipment are used 10 million, export-level gypsum board equipment configuration,

1.PU all-inclusive roller, reduce noise, man-machine coordination is good

2. Germany ultra-quiet screw air compressor, equipment operation no noise.

3. With 10 tons of silvers, storage more labor-saving.

4. Machine automatic feeding without manual, conveyor automatic feeding, PLC computer control the proportion of powder, beater automatic and reasonable treatment of gypsum slurry.

5 .. The whole set of equipment using the world's most advanced modular manufacturing installation method

6. Precision CNC machining center precision machining.

7. Mold automatic cleaning, mold life long.

8. Installed power 26.85 kilowatts, the actual production power of 17 kilowatts per hour low energy consumption and environmental protection.

9.11 Taiwan inverter, soft start and stop technology, low noise, extend the service life of equipment, equipment life of more than 15 years

10 .. two PLC programming, man-machine coordination performance is good, the workers easy to learn

11. The device comes with digital display function, the number tells you the daily output, and through the figures reflect the water, powder, equipment running speed, let you step by step from the layman.

12. The use of German technology, beater under the continuous operation of the slurry for 24 hours without clogging, with the material evenly stable, gypsum lines without air bubbles, high strength, full of shiny flowers and so on. Foolish operation.