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Gypsum Equipment Simple Maintenance
Oct 26, 2017

Gypsum equipment gypsum line mold with quality and cheap, environmentally friendly materials, decorative effect of the advantages of more in the home decoration in the application. Then the plaster line mold need maintenance? How to carry out the most simple maintenance.

Gypsum line mold idle is the best vertical on the shelves, to avoid stacking and squeezing, placed in a ventilated and dry place, away from the open fire, wet.

Use after the need for timely cleaning, you want to further maintenance, you can use hot water hot surface, and then apply the first oil on the surface.

Long-term use of gypsum line mold, may be deformed. Treatment method is to soak in boiling water for some time, not too long, and then removed, generally can be restored. If it is a serious deformation, continue to use may affect the effect, it is recommended to replace.

Gypsum thread mold put too long, or when placed in negligence was stained with stains, for the same situation should be handled as follows: If the area of smudge smaller, just use the knife to be contaminated part The surface of the scrape off on the line; if the stain is stained with ink, and has been dyed deeper, this situation can only be all the stained place to dig, and then use the new plaster to fill the incomplete, on the dry Of the place to dry, then use fine sandpaper to polish it. If the plaster is used for incomplete plaster and the original gypsum color is inconsistent, it will make it look less beautiful, if this happens, you can cast the whole story again, if you need to add gypsum water, you can do this: Ml of water by adding 60 grams of lime and mix well, then the gypsum products in which soaking, 3 - 10 minutes after the removal, over the water 2 - 6 times washed, put in a dry place to dry, and finally the amount of chalk powder In the repair office, make up after the plaster looks like and no difference before.

If the plaster line mold is relatively old, the appearance is very dirty, does not apply to the following treatment. According to every 2000 ml of soapy water with 10 - 40 ml of ammonia ratio of the solution, and then the gypsum line mold bubble in the inside. For about 30 minutes of mild washing, remove and then soaked in water can be washed. If it is really dirty, after the above steps are still clean after cleaning, it can only through other means, such as gypsum line mold coated with similar imitation copper color, it is imitation copper statue in the direction of transformation, not only Can solve the problem of decontamination and looks more elegant.