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Gypsum Equipment Maintenance And Cleaning
Sep 05, 2017

Gesso line is one of the gypsum equipment, mainly the gypsum powder and water according to certain proportion can increase gypsum mix and add toughness of fiber produced in grinding tool, pumping can's need to add any need of decorative pattern, now gesso line mainly includes the horny line, line, arc, etc. Gesso line basically is installed in the Angle between smallpox and wall, the middle can connect water conduit wire and so on, practical and beautiful also can have luxurious adornment effect at the same time.

Gypsum lines often appear cracked:

1. Crack at the seam of the curtain box.

2. The ceiling is cracked and the ceiling made from gypsum line may be cracked because of floating or not combining with cement mortar.

3. Open seam cracks.

4. Crack in the seam of the tile relief, because the tile is relatively smooth, so it is easy to crack because the contact is not good.

5. Cracks in the light disk.

6. The gypsum line and the column and the joint of the wall are easy to crack.

The gypsum line mould has the advantages of high quality, low price, environmental protection, decorative effect, and more application in home decoration. So does the plaster mold need to maintain? How to do the simplest maintenance. Gypsum line mold wholesale manufacturers summarized the experience over the years.

The plasterline dies idle is the best to be placed vertically on the shelf, avoid piling and extruding, place in ventilated and dry place, want to stay away from open fire, damp.

After use, it needs to be cleaned and cleaned in time. If you want to further maintain it, you can use hot water to iron the surface and then apply the top oil on the surface.

Long-term use of gypsum line molds may be deformed. The method is to immerse in boiling water for a period of time, not too long, then take out, generally can be restored. If it is a serious deformation, it may affect the effect and suggest replacement.

Gesso line mold set time is too long, or when placed inadvertently be stained with stains for different situation should be handled as follows: if the stains of the area is lesser, can simply use a knife to the polluted part surface scrape off line; If stained with ink stains are dyed and have more deep, this kind of situation can only put the pollution all cut, and then use the new plaster the incomplete completion, kept in dry places for drying, after using a sandpaper to grind. When used for gypsum and natural gypsum of color is not consistent, would make it doesn't look beautiful, if this happens, the statue of the whole can be bowed again, if you need to add coating gypsum water, can do it: stir in 60 grams of quick lime in 2000 ml of water, soak your gypsum products between them again, 3 -- 10 minutes later, a 2-6 times wash water, put in dry place to dry, finally to moderate chalk dust on the mend, mend the plaster model looks before and after is not much, respectively.

If the plaster mold is old, the appearance is very dirty, not applicable to the following treatment method. Add 10 -- 40 ml of ammonia to every 2000 milliliter of soapy water, then soak the gypsum line in it. Do 30 minutes of light washing, then soak in clean water. If it really is very dirty, after the above steps still cleaning not clean, can only through other ways, such as in gesso line mold coated with similar imitation bronze color, put it to the imitation bronze statue in the direction of the transformation, not only can solve the problem of decontamination and looks more elegant.

General gypsum line product pattern of the concave and convex should be above 10mm, and the production fine. In this way, after the installation is finished, the surface brush lacquer treatment, still can maintain the three-dimensional feeling, reflect the decorative effect. If the pattern of gesso line product is more shallow, only 5 ~ 9mm, the effect will be much worse.

Look at the surface finish

Because the pattern of gesso line product, when installation brushs lacquer, can no more grind arenaceous wait for treatment, because of this, the requirement of surface smooth finish is higher. Only the surface is fine, the gesso line product that feels smooth and smooth is installed brush lacquer, can have good adornment effect only. If the surface is rough and not smooth, the installation of paint will give people a sense of roughness.

The product is thick and thin

Gypsum air-tightness gel material, gesso line products must have appropriate thickness, to ensure its molecular affinity between the best degree, so as to guarantee the use fixed number of year and the complete, safe in use period. If the gypsum line products are too thin, not only the use of years is short, but also affect the safety.

Look at the price of gypsum line

Cheap gypsum products cost a third to one-half of the price of a quality gypsum line. This low price is attractive to users, but it often shows defects after installation, causing regret. The material of gypsum line is usually made of gesso and fiber or glass steel, just appearance is different. Such as aureate, blue, light green, coffee and so on, cent contemporary, ou ou, choose when choosing to pay attention to the above point is ok.