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Gypsum Equipment Higher Requirement
Oct 11, 2017

Decorative gypsum board is the construction of gypsum as a binder material, Gypsum Equipment adding the right amount of reinforcing fibers, adhesives, modifiers and other accessories, and water mixing pulp, Gypsum Equipment formed by the drying of the decorative paper without decorative paper plate. It is light, full of patterns, delicate, soft color, beautiful, sound-absorbing, heat insulation, a certain strength,Gypsum Equipment easy processing and installation. It is ideal for the roof of the sound-absorbing panels and decorative wall panels.

Gypsum products if the dirty area is relatively large, Gypsum Equipment we can use the following method to clean. The gypsum line mold immersed in the proportion of 2000 ml of soapy water plus 10 to 40 ml of water in the water, gently wash for 30 minutes or so, and then remove the rinse with water can be, Gypsum Equipment and then dry. Gypsum line mold can be restored to the past clean and tidy.

If the white gypsum line mold products, was coated with other colors, with water washing is not good, you can use a knife to cut the surface of the stains, if the gap area is large, Gypsum Equipment to fill some of the prepared gypsum raw materials, dry, Remove the burr on it.

If the gypsum line mold gap is large, they can not repair, Gypsum Equipment you can send to my company to carry out maintenance, as long as our customers, Gypsum Equipment we promise to repair your product for free.

Improve the living conditions, Gypsum Equipment people have a higher demand for living environment, how can we improve our living environment, what kind of materials can be more environmentally friendly and economic? Is the urgent need to solve the current building materials, the face of people's demands continue to improve, the relevant enterprises continue to develop new materials, Gypsum Equipment gypsum line mold the most practical.

China's gypsum building materials development has a long history, through continuous development, gypsum line mold has a lot of product classification, in the interior decoration, Gypsum Equipment the use of a wide range.

Indoor use of gypsum line mold products as decorative materials, make your life more comfortable. Gypsum building materials "breathing function" stems from its porosity.Gypsum Equipment These holes in the indoor humidity, can be inhaled water; the other hand, the indoor humidity can be released when the pores of the water out, automatically adjust the humidity inside, make people feel comfortable.