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Double Drum Dryer Various Forms
Jul 12, 2017

Dry food, double drum dryer is also used for chemical, Double Drum Dryer environmental protection, medicine, feed sticky material drying. Finished products can be made into tablets, powder and granular.

Double drum dryer single drum, Double Drum Dryer double drum and other forms, the working principle is not exactly the same. The basic principle of the double drum dryer is: in the middle of the main roller through the saturated water vapor (or heat transfer oil), the material in different ways coated on the drum surface, its heating, curing and leather. A special scraper will be scraped down and then transported to the process after the finished product processing.

(Wheat, potato, cassava, corn, sweet potato, banana taro, rice, lily, lotus root, etc.), yeast, Double Drum Dryer fish, fish, and so on. Shrimp feed, all kinds of milk powder and whey powder, Double Drum Dryer glue, paint, adhesive, fruit and vegetable juice, eggs, chemical pulp, environmental sewage, sludge and so on.

Suitable for medium and high viscosity and high concentration of slurry drying, the use of its top small roller rolling effect to form a military film, Double Drum Dryer effectively prevent the pulp knot. Applicable to a variety of food dry. The small rollers are 2-7 unequal to suit the wide range of materials and finished products.

Suitable for low concentrations of viscosity of the thermal material drying, Double Drum Dryer mainly used for similar yeast liquid, feed, paint and various chemical raw materials, environmentally friendly products, dry. Single drum dryer with nozzle

Suitable for medium sticky materials such as α-starch, gum, whey, Double Drum Dryer milk powder, dehydrated yeast mud, fish and shrimp feed, high concentration pigment and environmental protection products. Double Drum Dryer It has the advantages of high efficiency, good physical property retention and low shear force.

According to the number of drums can be divided into single drum, Double Drum Dryer double drum and multi-drum dryer; according to the operating pressure can be divided into two kinds of atmospheric pressure and vacuum; according to the form of cloth can be divided into top feed, Type dryer and so on.

Double drum dryer refers to the dryer by the two drums at the same time to complete the drying operation of the machine, the dryer of the two drum by the same set of deceleration transmission device, Double Drum Dryer the same modulus and the number of teeth of a pair of gear meshing, so that the two groups of the same diameter The drum is relatively rotated and operated. Double drum dryer according to the different location of the fabric can be divided into two types of roller and the same slot.

Roller double drum dryer, the material is present in the groove area of the middle of the two rollers, surrounded by a weir block. The clearance of the two cylinders is controlled by a pair of pitch circle diameter and cylinder outer diameter or similar, especially in the range of 0.5 ~ lmm, Double Drum Dryer which does not allow the material to leak. The direction of rotation of the roll can be determined by the actual material and the arrangement of the device. When the drum rotates at the feed end, the thickness of the material is controlled by the gap between the two cylinders. If the bite angle is in the reverse direction, the thickness of the material between the two cylinders is controlled by the gap between the weir plate and the cylinder provided in the longitudinal direction of the cylinder. The form of the dryer, suitable for precipitation of slurry material or viscosity of large materials drying. Tank type double drum dryer. Double Drum Dryer The gap between the two sets of rollers is larger, and the pitch diameter of the relative meshing gear is larger than the outer diameter of the cylinder. When feeding, the two drums in the same trough in the liquid film, relative rotation, do not interfere with each other. Suitable for solution, Double Drum Dryer emulsion and other materials dry. Double drum dryer drum diameter is generally 0.5 ~ 2m; aspect ratio (L / D) = 1.5 ~ 2. Speed, drum steam pressure and other operating conditions and single roller dryer design the same, but the transmission power of about 2 times the single drum. The double drum dryer is different from the single drum dryer. Double Drum Dryer If it is the upper feed, the two drum dryer, which controls the thickness of the material film by the weir, can be set in the middle of the bottom of the dryer. Screw conveyor, concentrated material. The lower feed of the roller double drum dryer, respectively, in the two sets of drum side of the separate set out of the device.