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Double Drum Dryer The Cause Of Violent Vibration
Sep 30, 2017

When a user is using a double drum dryer for drying, sometimes the vibration of the equipment is very severe, which greatly affects the smooth operation of the drying production. So, what is the reason for the violent vibration of the drum dryer? How should we solve this problem?

1, in the process of drum dryer installed in our, if do not pay attention to the wheel, wheel, cylinder block and the grasp of the details such as tyre, the installation does not reach the designated position or details under the condition of control is not strict, can cause of abnormal vibration in the operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary for us to pay attention to the correct grasp of every detail in the process of installation of drum dryer, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

2, when the user of drum dryer feed, if you can't keep the correct way of feeding, in the case of uneven feed, could easily lead to cylinder head to the side deflection, so the drum dryer in uneven for a long time, the imbalance between gravity, would be easy to produce abnormal vibration. Therefore, the uniform feeding is an important measure to prevent the roller dryer from violent vibration.

3. With the continuous operation of the drying operation, if the roller dryer gear is engaged in the problem, it can cause the equipment to vibrate violently. In addition, in the case of the damage to the base of the drum dryer, the displacement of the equipment can be unbalanced and the vibration is severe. For this kind of phenomenon, we should pay attention to the equipment configuration suitable gear, at the same time to the base damaged face to repair fixed and so on.

4, to drum drier maintenance work in our case, who can't do not add lubricating oil to the shaft and gear in the first time, thus causing parts of friction resistance increases, or in the case of lubricating oil contamination, cause the worn parts, etc., can cause severe vibration roller drier. In view of this situation, it is very important to establish good lubrication mechanism for drum dryer.

In the actual drying operation, the pulse dust collector is a more common dedusting device, and the installation of the solenoid valve is the key to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The installation of the electromagnetic valve of the drum dryer is shown below

1. Before installation, we shall check the solenoid valve to ensure that it is consistent with the specified parameters, especially the voltage must meet the requirements. Because if the voltage is a problem, it can easily lead to the burning of the wire.

2. Normally, the coil parts in the electromagnetic valve of the drum dryer should be upright. Install upright in a horizontal pipe. If a special case must be set up for installation, it is necessary for the specialized personnel to install the installation to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

3. When the pipeline is connected, the pipe should be cleaned first, then the appropriate filtering equipment will be installed to ensure that it is in a highly clean environment.

4. If the water hammer occurs in the medium during the operation of the pulse deduster. We will use the power of the waterproof hammer function to open the door, or take other reasonable ways to deal with it. On electromagnetic valve installation, to the best accessories before or after install a can manually disconnect open close the door, and set a bypass, it failed in the process of using, more convenient maintenance.

5. When it comes to the solenoid valve, pay attention to the direction device. Do not install the reverse. Normally, there are marks on valves of solenoid valves, and the installation can only be performed in the same direction. But notice, except in vacuum tubes or special cases.