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Compound Fertilizer Equipment Life Tips
Oct 18, 2017

To extend the service life of compound fertilizer production equipment tips: any compound fertilizer equipment life and maintenance after use are inseparable, Compound Fertilizer Equipment and only the fertilizer production equipment in the use of a thorough cleaning and maintenance in order to extend its service life

1, Compound Fertilizer Equipment after the completion of production to be checked at any time in the fertilizer production line in the wear and tear of each wearing parts in order to timely replacement.

2, to regularly check the operation of the equipment to support the rotation of the tire there are signs of loosening, if loose to be promptly repaired.

3, after the completion of the production of granulation equipment in the need to clean up the residual material, prepared to be corrosion equipment.

4, for the compound fertilizer production equipment, such as gears to be regularly cleaned and oil, so as to ensure the good operation of the equipment it.

5, check the compound fertilizer equipment in the electrical circuit aging and leakage of the phenomenon, to reduce the occurrence of dangerous situations.

The equipment investment is small, quick, good economic returns. Complete sets of equipment flow layout compact, scientific and reasonable, Compound Fertilizer Equipment advanced technology. Green, energy saving, no waste discharge, stable operation, reliable operation and reliable maintenance. Raw material adaptability, suitable for two elements, three elements of compound fertilizer granulation, product granulation rate is high. Can produce a variety of concentrations, a variety of types (including organic fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer Equipment inorganic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.) compound fertilizer. Especially the scent, ammonium bicarbonate series of compound fertilizer granulation, to fill the domestic blank, ranking the leading domestic level.