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Compound Fertilizer Equipment Installation
Oct 17, 2017

Compound fertilizer equipment: drum steam production high concentration compound fertilizer granulation process, the disc without granulation of compound fertilizer production of high, medium and low concentration process, compound fertilizer anti-caking technology, high nitrogen fertilizer production technology, production of urea melt spray granulation of organic inorganic compound fertilizer, and so on used to fill the domestic blank.

At present, the compound fertilizer equipment market also has the amino acid and ammonia spraying granulation method, they are suitable for domestic market, the domestic large, medium and small enterprises are more applicable


1 and wide applicability and its raw materials: suitable for poultry and animal feces, after fermentation of sugar mill filter mud, urban sludge, papermaking sludge, lees, straw, lime and other moisture content 30% the left and right sides of crude fiber direct granulation of organic waste, can produce round spherical particles of pure organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer.

2. High survival rate of pellets and biobacteria: the new technology can bring the ball rate to more than 90-95%, and the low temperature air volume drying technology can make the survival rate of microorganism bacteria more than 90%.

3, short process flow, low operating cost of the process used in organic materials without the preliminary processing such as drying, crushing, short process, low operating cost, if use the traditional granulation process, such as disk or drum for fermentation of organic material moisture content 30% after drying to below 13%, to more than 80 mesh size, and the addition amount of the organic material is not greater than 30%).

The compound fertilizer equipment provides many conveniences for us, so that we can better carry out the waste. Our company has impressed many users with the development of the compound fertilizer equipment, the excellent quality is our label, the enthusiastic service is our responsibility, believe that we can do better. Below we mainly understand the installation of compound fertilizer equipment.

1. The compound fertilizer equipment should be installed on the concrete base of the horizontal, while the ground bolts are fixed.

2. Pay attention to the vertical of the main body and level when installing the compound fertilizer equipment.

3. After the installation of the compound fertilizer equipment, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bolts are loose and the main door of the host is fixed. If there is any, it should be tightened.

4. Power supply line and control switch of compound fertilizer equipment according to the power of equipment.

5. Check the compound fertilizer equipment, pay attention to safety, then carry out the empty load test, and the test car can be produced normally.

Social benefit analysis

How to make full use of the resources of organic waste is an important issue for China to build a resource-saving society, promote circular economy and develop organic agriculture. Is big fertilizer consumption in our country, the production of fertilizer consumes a lot of non-renewable resources such as coal, electricity, natural gas, the project development of utilization of organic solid waste circular spherical particle organic fertilizer production, achieve the goal of non-renewable resources conservation and environmental protection, social efficiency is huge, with the industrial policy of energy saving and emission reduction in our country.