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Compound Fertilizer Equipment Cleaning And Maintenance
Oct 27, 2017

To extend the service life of compound fertilizer production equipment tips: any compound fertilizer equipment life and maintenance after use are inseparable, Compound Fertilizer Equipment and only the fertilizer production equipment in the use of a thorough cleaning and maintenance in order to extend its service life

1, after the completion of production to be checked at any time in the fertilizer production line in the wear and tear of each wearing parts in order to timely replacement.

2, to regularly check the operation of the equipment to support the rotation of the tire there are signs of loosening, if loose to be promptly repaired.

3, after the completion of the production of granulation equipment in the need to clean up the residual material,Compound Fertilizer Equipment prepared to be corrosion equipment.

4, for the compound fertilizer production equipment, such as gears to be regularly cleaned and oil, so as to ensure the good operation of the equipment it.

5, check the compound fertilizer equipment in the electrical circuit aging and leakage of the phenomenon, Compound Fertilizer Equipment to reduce the occurrence of dangerous situations.

Organic and inorganic fertilizer includes amino acid compound fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer Equipment humic acid compound fertilizer and waste compound fertilizer. Amino acid compound fertilizer equipment general configuration includes: roller granulator, horizontal mixer, chain grinder, drum screening machine, quantitative packaging scales and other equipment.

(Urea melting tank), chain crusher, horizontal mixer, Compound Fertilizer Equipment drum screening machine, rotary cooling machine, quantitative packaging scales, and so on.

With the increasing attention of environmental protection, since the beginning of the compound fertilizer equipment into the ranks of the market, its technology is characterized by large production capacity, high degree of automation, high product quality, can produce a variety of fertilizer, Compound Fertilizer Equipment with the industry The development of countries to increase the governance of the environment, especially in the treatment of waste has done a perfect, from the beginning of fertilizer equipment is particularly applicable to all types of raw materials processing, granulation, screening.

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