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Cement Grinding Plant Installation And Maintenance
Sep 08, 2017

Cement grinding is the key equipment for crushing the material after it is broken.


This machine is of horizontal cylindrical rotating device, mainly by the cylinder, door, plate bolts, fault is one of the main cylinder bolt ash, ground gate leakage ash, tube bending, etc, in view of the cement grinding temperature is not high, cylinder bending occur rarely, but because the cement grinding is fine, cylinder bolt and grinding ash leakage phenomenon, often appear. For this purpose, we are required to arrange personnel to carry out the tight work of the cylinder and the grinding door at any time when the mill is down.

Lining board

The lining board is used to protect the cylinder body, avoid the long-term impact and friction damage the cylinder body, also can adjust the movement state of the material in the mill. During inspection, the wear condition of the lining board is checked, and the liner bolts are loose and falling, so as to avoid the wearing of the lining board, causing the movement of materials to reduce the output of the platform and reduce the life of the tube.

Every storehouse board

Warehouse webmaster if segmentation grinding medium, isolation to prevent axial movement, of medium to prevent too large particles into the next, reasonable grinding materials, and also can control the material filling degree, material flow, material inside the mill grinding speed.

The main center circle, guide cone, grate plate, lift plate, lining board, cage plate bracket, blind board and other components. Main examination at the time of inspection, every storehouse board all bolts are loose, fall off, all the grate plate are in good condition, grate seam blockage, whether the grate plate and the blind flange wear is too large, storehouse board insulation bracket if there is a crack, whether affect the grate plate, is there a string ball phenomenon.

Main bearing

Mill under the quality of the rotary part and the impact of the grinding medium and grinding machine by hollow shaft support on the main bearing, bearing on bearing cover, observation hole (observation of drainage and the workings of the central shaft, bearings), the temperature of the thermometer. Bearing lubrication using both dynamic pressure lubrication and hydrostatic lubrication, dynamic pressure with low oil pump oil, because of the mill speed is low, the formation of dynamic pressure oil film thin, short of liquid friction lubrication, therefore adopt hydrostatic lubrication, have set up the high pressure oil pump for high pressure oil into the oil sac, thicker oil film layer formed by oil pressure. Normal operation, static pressure lubrication work, dynamic pressure lubrication static, when static pressure problems, dynamic pressure automatic work. General bearing bush allowed temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, otherwise the tile burning phenomenon occurs, thus cooling methods must be taken. Main inspection area each big oil pump with and without vibration and sound, whether the oil level and oil tank is normal, without leakage, main bearing, low pressure pump pressure should be above 0.1 MPa, flow rate reached more than 35 l/min, observe whether big tile oil film is in good condition.

Feeding and unloading device

The feeding device is a smooth feeding of materials. Generally, there are slip feeding device, screw feed device and spoonful feeding device. The sliding pipe feeding device requires that the dip Angle of the slip pipe must be greater than the Angle of the material and ensure the smooth flow of the material to ensure that the hollow shaft is not washed by the material. Concrete between the conical sleeve and the hollow shaft. The feeding device of screw feeding device is heavy, but easy to wear, suitable for long mill. The spoonful of feeding material is large. Unloading device consists of discharge grate, guide cone, lift plate, discharge sleeve, transmission, cylinder screen, discharge hood, coarse slag pipe, etc.

Transmission device

It is made by fast motor, slow rotating motor, slow speed reducer and speed reduction unit. Main inspection contents: whether the oil pump of main speed reducer is overheated and abnormal, the pressure gauges and temperature indication are normal, the pipeline has no oil leakage; The oil level and the color of oil tank, adjust the flow of oil cooler according to the season; Check the main motor pump has no sound, heat and vibration, pressure indicating whether normal, fuel tank oil level and color is normal, the main motor cooling fan, with or without overheating, vibration, sound, absorb filter is well ventilated; Whether the main reducer is normal, the couplings have the same sound and the bolts are loose.

The cement mill has the characteristics of high adaptability to material, continuous production, crushing ratio, and easy speed adjustment powder. Cement grinding can be produced as well as wet. It can also be used for milling and drying.

Installation and maintenance of cement mill

The maintenance of the machine is an extremely important and regular work. It should be closely cooperated with the extremely operation and overhaul, and should have the staff on duty inspection.

Maintenance of machinery

1, all the load bearing for machine, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the service life of machine and availability, and requirements into lubricating oil must be clean and seal must be good, the machine's main oil (1) the rotation bearing (2) roll bearing (3) all the gear bearing, sliding plane (4) activities.

2. The newly installed tyre is easy to loosen and must be checked frequently.

3. Pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal.

4. Pay attention to the wear of the easily worn parts and pay attention to replace the worn parts.

5. The base plane of the movable device should be removed from the dust and other objects to avoid the movable bearing of the movable bearing when it meets the material that cannot be broken, so that serious accidents occur.

6. Bearing oil temperature rise high, should stop check for reason to eliminate.

7. When the rotating gear is in operation, it should stop and check immediately and eliminate it

Installation commissioning

1. The equipment should be installed on the base of the horizontal concrete and the anchor bolts shall be fixed.

2. Pay attention to the vertical of the main body and level.

3. After installation, check whether the bolts are loose and the main door is fixed. If there is any, please tighten it.

4. Configure the power line and control switch according to the power of the equipment.

5. Check and complete the load test, and the test car can be produced normally.