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Cement Grinding Plant Fast Speed
Aug 09, 2017

Cement grinding AIDS has been applied in the world for more than more than 70 years, its simple and efficient characteristics have been recognized by more and more cement production enterprises. On the one hand, the use of cement grinding aids can improve the production of cement mills, Cement Grinding Plant thereby directly reducing the power consumption of grinding; On the other hand, the cement grinding aids can also stimulate the activity of industrial waste residue, reduce the amount of clinker used in cement, thus saving the coal and electricity consumption caused by the production of clinker, and reduce the emissions of air pollutants, in the realization of energy-saving also reached the goal of emission reduction.

At present, the cement enterprises have the basic investment and different performance of grinding aids. Usually, the grinding agent is produced by the supplier according to the formula, and is put into the cement production enterprise for investment. The dosing equipment is usually matched by a grinding aid supplier and added according to the given proportion. The method of dosing is divided into: manual dosing and semi-automatic dosing.

Is in the mill start-up, from the central control room set a production value (is a number of different materials of the belt scale weighing the sum of the value), based on this value and then according to a certain percentage of grinding dosage to the grinding machine. The operator is required to adjust the manual knob of the cement grinding aid metering pump to the calibration value determined by the supplier, Cement Grinding Plant and the metering pump starts to add in quantity. This method is applied to most cement enterprises.

1 The accuracy of investment and adding equipment, often occurred in the metering, pump blocking, other facilities failure, which is mainly due to the dosing system is supporting the grinding agent suppliers, Cement Grinding Plant they are in order to reduce costs, preferring the relatively low cost of procurement equipment caused.

2 When the cement plant is produced, the grinding aid is stored in the raw material tank, and the dosing quantity is determined by the metering pump according to the output of the table. The viscosity of liquid grinding aids is affected by the temperature, such as: when the ambient temperature is high, the flow resistance is small, the flow velocity is fast, the pressure of the liquid level in the raw tank is different, Cement Grinding Plant the high velocity is fast, and the flow rate is much higher in the same time range. When the ambient temperature is low, the opposite is caused by the unstable quality of the cement produced. Cement Grinding Plant In particular, the existing general metering pump pressure is small, in the low flow is more obvious. Also because the metering pump out of the mouth around the dust is always in the environment, because of the slow speed of grinding aids, dust in the export site gradually bonding, the final will be blocked out of the material mouth, resulting in the production of cement without grinding aids, resulting in quality accidents. This is an important reason for the unstable quality of the cement production process by the manual metering pump and the grinding aid.

3 manual dosing process, the operator should be very careful to pay attention to the increase in the amount of grinding aids, and to do class calibration, to ensure the realization of a given proportion of the basic conditions for adding grinding aids. During the production process, Cement Grinding Plant when the same cement mill grinds the same variety of cement, the control value of the output of the table will need to be changed continuously because of the change of the material characteristic, Cement Grinding Plant and usually the grinding additive adjusting device and the output control system are not in an interface (place), operator negligence or other reasons, failure to adjust the output of the modified table when the amount of grinding aids, it may lead to a long time to add a lot of grinding aids, Cement Grinding Plant causing great waste, may also lead to a long time less grinding aids, affecting the quality of cement.

4) The metering pump is blocked or damaged (as a result of the grinding AIDS supplier production, some substances do not completely dissolve or buy back the unqualified raw materials and lead to crystallization or insoluble substances, leaving the factory without a complete treatment) is unavoidable, Cement Grinding Plant if on-duty patrol personnel did not travel in time to check, the middle control operation interface does not help the actual amount of grinding agent display, Cement Grinding Plant there may be a long time or even the whole class did not add grinding aids, Cement Grinding Plant this will lead to cement quality of the lack of strength of serious quality problems.

5 manual investment and adding equipment although save the early investment, but the calibration work trivial, on-duty staff helpless, resentment, every hour have to repeat the mechanical action, over time, the seriousness of the work will certainly be greatly discounted, or even the calibration of the report data. This is good for the use of grinding aids.