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Cement Equipment The Heat Generated By The Work
May 15, 2017

As the temperature rises slowly, the people in the workshop are getting unbearable, so is the machine that is running. Originally the ball mill work friction produces heat, coupled with the external heat, so that the temperature of the machinery is higher, so cooling into the guarantee of the normal work of ball mill indispensable.

Ball Mill is the material finely and the important equipments of ultra finely. The work of the time is by centrifugal force to the material into the grinding silo, and then grinding the steel balls and materials produced heavy blow and grinding, to achieve material crushing and crushing purposes. So the temperature rise of ball mill Cement Equipment mainly due to grinding mineral impact, Cement Equipment grinding materials of mechanical friction energy and material breaking the release of energy, may also be due to the temperature of the material is too high, in short, when the mill's grinding temperature is too high, we need to find ways to reduce it, lest affect normal production, look at the following several cooling methods:

Grinding system has a large number of equipment and pipelines, the surface of the heat is very large. Should make full use of the surface of the system to enhance cooling heat, such as the separator to the outside of the wall spray water spray, along the outer side of the spiral Cement Equipment conveyor to do the sink. It is feasible to spray water from the grinding head or tail when the ball mill works. However, only when the abrasive temperature is higher than 100 degrees, can be injected from the grinding machine, or downstream spray water.

This should be the simplest way to calculate the Cement Equipment cooling airflow of the mill according to the heat balance of the ball mill. According to the heat balance calculation of ball mill, the heat of the mill ventilation is usually accounted for 20% of the total heat of the mill. While strengthening the grinding ventilation can reduce the material temperature, however, the ventilation in the mill by the system of resistance, lock wind, air leakage and other constraints, but also by the product fineness constraints, Cement Equipment if the air flow in the assembly to make grinding effect of the economic difference. Therefore, it is limited to reduce the temperature of grinding material by improving the grinding of the mill.

The grinding cold water cooling is transformed on the basis of the grinding cold water cooling, the water is sprayed with the compressed air process atomization state, not only utilizes the water's apparent heat, also use the water in the evaporation of the latent heat, effectively away from the grinding heat, but need to note that the water spray is about the cement 1 1, generally not more than 2%, otherwise the moisture can not completely evaporate, synthetic moisture, will make the cement strength performance deterioration.

Aiming at the high temperature of grinding system, which caused the grinding phenomenon and the decreasing efficiency of powder separator, the grinding agent can be used to reduce the grinding adhesion degree and improve the efficiency of the separator, thereby reducing the Cement Equipment temperature of grinding cement to some extent.

If the ball mill works for a long time without cooling measures at elevated temperatures, will result in paste ball mill, gypsum dehydration, cement false coagulation, sliding shoe temperature rises, the production of a series of hazards, not only damage to the ball mill itself, but also can cause the quality of abrasive, performance degradation. So it is necessary to cool the ball mill system. Moreover, the lowering of temperature in grinding is beneficial to improve the production of Taiwan, while the increase of output is also conducive to reducing the temperature of cement.

Let's look at the water spray cooling measures taken by a cement plant in conjunction with its own situation:

According to the actual situation in the field, the method of spraying water with grinding tail spray and water spray at the same time, spray into the grinding water and grinding material and grinding body to carry out full heat exchange, absorb the heat of grinding, quickly converted into Cement Equipment saturated gas, with the grinding ventilation, can control the grinding material temperature in 100 around (or cooling more than 30 ℃), to make the material in the mill structure disintegrate, eliminate the grinding static, Bao Qiu, Bao Duan, gypsum dehydration phenomena, enhance grinding capacity, the stage can increase the output of 10%% The grinding material fineness R0.08 reduces ~1%, the table enhances ~10 square meter/kg, makes the mill always maintains in the normal temperature state operation, the sliding shoe temperature also decreases with the mill temperature and naturally decreases, the bearing temperature can reduce 1 ~11 ℃, simultaneously achieves the improvement cement quality goal.