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Cement Equipment Inseparable
Sep 28, 2017

The stable operation of the equipment is the basis of production, Cement Equipment vibration not only damage the life of the equipment, the reactive power consumption is also a direct loss of business efficiency. The same size, the same capacity of enterprises, but different benefits, which is inseparable from the stable operation. So reduce vibration, reduce reactive power consumption, significant significance. Cement Equipment With the progress of science and technology, vibration components have been widely used in the cement industry, the cement equipment monitoring and stable operation has played a positive role, but also provides a basis for the analysis of vibration.

The vibration of the support is mainly due to the damage of the bearing, the lack of rigidity of the equipment base and the loosening. When the bearing inside the jacket and rolling body pitting off, with the vibration issued by the sound continuous, stuffy and broken, there is a clear sense of collapse, Cement Equipment the vertical direction of vibration; bearing inner jacket or rolling body fracture, in the rolling body Through the cracks in the moment, the impact of vibration, issued a larger sound, broken brittle short, crack radial vibration; if the foreign body into the bearing, not only caused vibration, but also issued a scream, if the foreign body to stay in the raceway to form the cushion , The rolling body through the place when the vibration, Cement Equipment sound boring and a sense of resistance, the cushion of the radial vibration, if the foreign body with the bearing operation will be issued friction sound, hear the bearing friction, screams, should be maintained Frame failure; bearing and shaft different heart, the axial vibration, the sound when the light weight, more regular; normal wear and tear of the bearing, if the clearance is too large, the vibration will be significantly increased, the vibration to the vertical direction. Cement Equipment For the sliding bearing, silent without vibration, but the shaft and tile gap is too large, due to the eddy oil flow, will produce vibration, vibration in the vertical direction, there is a situation, the rotation of the axial positioning is not good, back and forth Sliding, knock the tile to produce axial vibration. When the rigidity of the equipment base is insufficient, the vibration amount of the equipment is large, and the vibration value and direction are unstable. Cement Equipment If the seat is loose, the vibration in the vertical direction increases when the degree of looseness has not affected the installation accuracy.

The unevenness of the rotating body of the equipment is caused by uneven unevenness, uneven wear, bending of the shaft, loosening or falling of the counterweight, but the imbalance caused by any kind of reason is reflected in the horizontal direction of the equipment Vibration will increase, Cement Equipment the direction of vibration, the size of the law, and stability, Cement Equipment but after the axis of vibration will increase day by day, because the shaft will be more and more bent; sticky gray caused by unbalanced vibration, because sometimes fall off, the performance When the bearing is supported by the rotor, the centering function will subside, Cement Equipment and it will cause the same vibration as the unbalanced. When the bearing jacket and the bearing seat cooperate with the large gap, the bearing inner jacket, jacket And the bearing seat will be skewed, bearing clearance will be fixed in a certain direction, Cement Equipment running up while struggling, while easy, resulting in axial vibration, bearing sound uneven.