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Cement Equipment Equipment Characteristics
Jul 01, 2017

The study of the motor equipment drag problem is based on understanding the characteristics of the motor running and the characteristics of the cement production equipment. Cement Equipment And familiar with the cement equipment in the motor drag the common problem is to develop appropriate countermeasures to solve these problems on the premise, but also to make the normal operation of Cement Equipment cement production of electrical and mechanical equipment protection. Therefore, this paper discusses several common and typical cement equipment in the motor drag the common problems were discussed, and developed the appropriate measures to solve these problems

Centrifugal fan is an important process equipment for cement plants. Cement Equipment In the event of failure, it will cause the entire cement production plant to stop production. Centrifugal fan wind pressure is relatively stable, with low noise, low loss and investment and many other advantages. However, the centrifugal fan has a relatively soft motor drag characteristics, Cement Equipment the motor speed varies with the load changes will occur more substantial changes

On the one hand, centrifugal fans in a long time put into use, Cement Equipment the motor will repeatedly violent vibration. In this case, the bearing seat will be violent shaking, over time, impeller bearing is easy to be damaged. As a result, centrifugal fans are often damaged.

On the other hand, in the early stages of feed production, high-temperature fans often have the phenomenon of free-end bearing heat. In this case, Cement Equipment even if the use of air-cooled and watering measures, but also can not control the temperature continued to rise, can only take a way to stop cooling, resulting in reduced production efficiency.

Mill is the largest power plant in the cement plant, Cement Equipment but also the motor speed of the fastest horizontal turn of the cylindrical device. In the past period of time, due to the limitations of people on the start of the mill, most of the cement plant will use a small starting current and start torque large winding motor drag. Therefore, the efficiency of the mill is often relatively low, Cement Equipment making the cement plant suffered a certain economic losses. And for now, most of the cement mill equipment are used in asynchronous motors, often with high efficiency.

Most of the small and medium-sized equipment in the cement plant is to assist other large-scale equipment to complete the production, so generally use are less efficient and less cost of the motor. In fact, most of these devices are used to drag granular and powdered materials, Cement Equipment so these equipment but a problem, it will lead to the production line downtime.

Cause centrifugal fan bearings are often damaged for three reasons, one is the centrifugal fan impeller fouling, the second is the impeller shaft cantilever caused by the bearing pressure is too large, Cement Equipment the third is the bearing selection is too small. Therefore, Cement Equipment on the one hand to do the kiln head of the seal, reduce the amount of dust at the kiln head. At the same time, to regularly clean the centrifugal fan impeller, so as to ensure the operation of centrifugal fan.

On the other hand, the impeller side bearing seat to move the direction of the chassis to a certain distance, thereby shortening the impeller and the impeller bearing seat distance, Cement Equipment reduce the bearing pressure. In addition, to select the appropriate type of bearing, Cement Equipment to prevent the bearing and the device itself does not match the phenomenon. The cause of centrifugal fan bearing overheating is the reason why the installation of centrifugal fan improper operation, so, as long as the specification of skilled workers to operate, Cement Equipment you can make the centrifugal fan to maintain normal operation.