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Cement Equipment Development Of
Jul 12, 2017

Cement machinery and equipment fault diagnosis technology has gone through nearly 40 years of development process, in theory, has formed a more complete discipline system steps, Cement Equipment a little bit to form the oil sample analysis, vibration diagnosis, non-destructive testing and temperature monitoring, Many new technologies and methods have gradually formed a development situation.

(FD) begins with the diagnosis of mechanical equipment failure, Cement Equipment and its full name is condition monitoring and cement machinery equipment fault diagnosis (CMFD). Its main content includes two aspects: First, in the discovery of special circumstances, the failure of the equipment for diagnosis and analysis; Second, the operation of the equipment to monitor the state. The advancement of computer technology has promoted the rapid development of signal analysis and processing technology, Cement Equipment and promoted the development of cement machinery and equipment fault diagnosis and monitoring technology towards practical and scientific direction.

Mechanical diagnostic technology includes two aspects: First, Cement Equipment the operation of the equipment to monitor; the second is found in the abnormal situation after the failure of equipment analysis and diagnosis.

Classification of mechanical fault diagnosis technology: according to the diagnosis of points, can be divided into functional diagnosis and operation diagnosis. Cement Equipment Functional diagnosis refers to the detection of machine operation function of the normal, the implementation of the object is often a new installation or large-dimensional equipment or units. Operation diagnosis is the detection and diagnosis of the operation status of the equipment or unit in normal service, and the occurrence and development of the fault are detected. According to the status signal of the diagnostic equipment, vibration diagnosis, intensity diagnosis, temperature diagnosis, acoustic diagnosis, Parameter diagnosis, optical diagnosis, oil-like diagnosis, Cement Equipment performance trends diagnosis; according to the diagnosis of continuity to have regular diagnosis and continuous diagnosis; according to the diagnosis of the degree of perfection, Cement Equipment there are simple diagnosis and precision diagnosis.

1, simple diagnosis, also known as primary diagnosis. Cement Equipment Usually by the scene of the staff responsible for primary diagnosis, so as to make an effective summary of the equipment and discussion and evaluation.

2, precision diagnosis is based on the primary diagnosis of the equipment for the emergence of special conditions for a clear identification, Cement Equipment and a detailed diagnostic strategy to check out the abnormal parts of the equipment, and equipment of different types and failure degree of analysis and judgment The

3, run the diagnosis and function diagnosis. Cement Equipment Check whether the abnormality of the function and condition of the newly installed or overhauled equipment is called a functional diagnosis, and the corresponding rectification is made on the basis of the result of the inspection of the equipment or the unit, Cement Equipment and the correct operation of the equipment Fault characteristics for detection run diagnostics.

4, continuous monitoring and regular diagnosis. Cement Equipment Every time a certain period of time on the work of the equipment is detected regularly diagnosed. Continuous monitoring is the use of instrumentation and computer information processing system to monitor the state of operation of the machine and control; when to use continuous monitoring? Many devices that cause significant production losses due to malfunctions, Cement Equipment poorly affected accidents, and frequent failures and continuous failures. Continuous monitoring is used for equipment that can not be spotted for safety and labor protection.