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Cement Equipment Continue To Improve
Aug 02, 2017

With the rapid development of science and technology, Cement Equipment the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, the development trend of system equipment lubrication includes the following contents: energy saving, improve efficiency; improve control performance, adapt to the development of mechanical and electrical integration; improve reliability, life, safety and maintenance Environmental protection (low noise, no leakage); to meet the needs of the international market; reduce energy consumption, Cement Equipment make full use of energy; control pollution; active maintenance of equipment; mechanical and electrical integration; computer technology applications; lubricating products to adapt to more harsh Conditions; environmental protection of lubricating products (biodegradable) and so on.

As the quality of the production plant and the production process is not a lubricant in the market there is a big difference, the quality is uneven. Cement Equipment Simple from the appearance and description can not see good or bad, we must understand the production process, through scientific tests to draw conclusions

Long-term operation of machinery and equipment will produce metal particles in the lubricant, paint impurities, (mechanical equipment lubricating tank surface rust paint) sludge, Cement Equipment carbon and smoke deposits. Failure to effectively control the deposits and impurities in the lubricant will cause fatal damage to the equipment. Timely replacement of lubricant. Timely replacement of equipment Lubricants can effectively control the sediment and impurities in the lubricant, thereby improving and improving the operation efficiency and life of the equipment. Cement Equipment But the tubing and the small diameter of the oil system in the sediment and impurities are difficult to remove, that is, the complete replacement of lubricants is also difficult to remove, Cement Equipment only parking cleaning the entire oil system.

Do a good job of equipment lubrication monitoring, timely take various measures, reasonable equipment and replacement of damaged parts, equipment and tools to improve and improve the lubrication device, control equipment, oil spills. In the process of leaking a good grasp of "investigation, governance, management," Cement Equipment the three links, to eliminate the oil lubrication equipment in the waste.

The application of new equipment, new products in a timely manner the preparation of the rules and training materials, timely operators, lubricants, maintenance workers to train, so that it can be faster and better put into operation. At the same time, the original preparation of the materials for continuous updates and changes to make it more adapt to field equipment. And to the operator, the lubrication workers to carry out regular and irregular training, Cement Equipment examination, improve the operator, Cement Equipment lubricants, maintenance of technical level, to create a good environment for learning technology for the better operation of the equipment to provide favorable technical support And maintenance technical level.

Cement equipment (steel structure) in the corrosion environment is very different, but also in the transport, storage, installation and production of all links will be subject to environmental damage hazards.

(1) the impact of the geographical environment. Cement Equipment Different parts of the construction project corrosion environment vary widely, for example, in hot and humid areas of high temperature, corrosion rate of 160μm / a, great harm to the corrosion of equipment. In the desert area, annual precipitation rarely less impact. At the same time, a lot of cement equipment is exposed to work in the external environment, long-term by the wind, sun, rain, the coating weather resistance and durability have an impact.

(2) the impact of dust flue gas. Cement Equipment The dust from the cement production line itself contains SO2 and nitrogen oxides (NOX) and other harmful gases, not only pollute the air, the equipment also has a strong corrosion, Cement Equipment while dust will wear the surface of the equipment.

(3) the impact of storage transport. With the continuous development of EPC projects, Cement Equipment equipment due to long-distance transport by the corrosion hazards are growing. Most of the cement equipment through the marine transport, sea time 2 to 3 months, and many large-scale nude pieces, Cement Equipment salt spray of the ocean atmosphere of the device for a long time corrosion, great harm.