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Ball Mill Working Principle
Aug 29, 2016

Ball mill is composed of horizontal cylinder, feeding a hollow shaft and the top part, cylinder for long cylinders, cylinder grinding, cylinder plate, fixed steel liner and shell, generally steel grinding balls and different diameter and the percentage loaded in the barrel lapping of steel can also be used.

According to grinding material of grain degrees be select, material by mill into material end hollow axis loaded into tube body, dang mill tube body turned when, grinding body due to inertia and centrifugal force role, friction of role, makes it attached in tube body lining Board Shang was tube body away, dang was with to must of height when, due to its itself of gravity role and was throwing fell, whereabouts of grinding body like ejection body as will tube body of material to hit broken.

Hollow shaft of material feeding device under the screw evenly into the mill's first warehouse, the Chamber has ladder liner or corrugated liner inside the various specifications of steel ball, cylinder rotating centrifugal force of steel balls to fall after a certain height, pounding and grinding impact on materials. Material in the first position after reaching the coarse grinding, with single-layer diaphragm into the second position, the warehouse decorated with flat liner, steel ball inside the material further grinding. Powder discharged through the discharge grate plate, finish grinding.