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Oil Sand Gas Retort

Oil Sand Gas Retort

Oil Sand Horizontal Dry distillation furnace/ Oil Sand/Oil Shale High Efficient Oil Extraction Equipment Oil Sand & Oil Shale Green Oil Extraction Technical Equipment developed by Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd has been identified by specialists。And the experts coming from Jiangsu Mechanical...


Oil Sand Horizontal Dry distillation furnace/ Oil Sand/Oil Shale High Efficient Oil Extraction Equipment

Oil Sand & Oil Shale Green Oil Extraction Technical Equipment developed by Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd has been identified by specialists。And the experts coming from Jiangsu Mechanical Unions, Jiangsu Mechanical Research Institute, Jiangsu Environment Protection Mechanical Research Institute, Nangjing University, Dongnan University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Nanjing Industry University thought:  this result is based on integrate development and application of non-standard power and takes use key technology of horizontal dry distillation rotary oil extraction to solve material conveying and insulation between oil and gas among different dry distillation part and implement dry processing circle distillation which has the advantages of simple structure, high hot exchange rate, high separating rate and easy operation, water saving and environment pollution reduction meanwhile it could save water and reduce environment pollution.


As well as our known, the oil sand and oil shale storage volume of our country is abundant. And oil sand resource mainly distribute in western area, such as Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Guizhou, etc, which has a storage volume of over ten millions, meanwhile oil shale mainly distribute in Neimeng, Shandong, Shanxi, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Liaoling, Guangdong, Xinjiang and the storage volume has been found is 31.17 billion tons, while the forecast storage volume is about 452 billion tons and oil content is 5~10%。  Besides this, the discharged annual sludge of our oil refining industry is over 800 thousand tons, the oil content of it is about 10~30%, thus annual wasted oil volume due to sludge wasting is over 160 thousand tons which damaged a lot to environment. In the past, our oil shale extraction mostly took use traditional vertical furnace, but it’s dry distillation effect is worse, oil extraction rate is lower, water consumption is more while waste discharging pollution and ground waste is serious.   Recently, we begin to import advanced horizontal dry distillation furnace, but the investment is huge, so it is hardly to be generalized。


Jiangsu Pengfei Group company cooperated with Chinese Oil Explosion & Development Institute Langfang Branch, and in July they designed and manufactured first 20t/d oil sand horizontal dry distillation rotary furnace, and in August successfully finished installation and debugging in Wuerhe Area of Xinjiang. In Sep. 6th of 2005, we success in manufacturing first barrel of oil sand dry distillation oil filling in the blank of this area for China. According to local test, daily processing capacity of the equipment is 21.5tons exceeding the designed capacity, while the oil extraction efficiency could reach 95.3% and the oil content in slag is less than 0.015%. As motional dry distillation make the oil even heated, gas flows without and barriers, oil gas overflows easily;  it has strong adaptability of raw material which could deal with material with larger or smaller pellet material or powder,it is easy to operate and beneficial to automatic production meanwhile its waste meet national standard and slag could be used for ground, others, dry distillation use less water meeting international standard, thus it is suitable for region which is lack of water. In Nov. of 2005, this horizontal dry distillation rotary furnace tested the sludge of oil extraction in Kelamayi, and the result showed dry distillation could not only solve the pollution of sludge, but also could return economic benefits.


Horizontal dry distillation rotary kiln mainly composed of feeding, dry distillation, oil gas cooling and separating, end gas exhausting and slag discharging, burning systems, it’s principle starts from feeding into inner shell , material goes into normal temperature ~250 centigrade preheat area for preheating, then material goes into 250-550centigrade dry distillation area for dry distilling, and  the oil gas produced will enter into next process cooling, meanwhile the slag will transmit the heat to inner shell through outer shell in order to help complete whole system self-heating, then the slag will flow into storage warehouse from the discharging hole for 2nd use. Compared to similar foreign products, this result has lots of creation, for example whole system take use two material sealing and double breaking screw conveying device which could make the free flowing inside of shell and the system take use cracked gas and rest carbon for self-burning , help system to implement self-heating, make the dry distillation continue working without any outer force which could save oil gas. Others, there is no need of water during dry distillation which is specially suitable for the region lack of water, and there is no water pollution. The waste slag contains over 60% of Silicate whose content is similar to Gypsum, thus it could be used as materials for wall, cement and ceramicist replacing gypsum which could have an obvious effect on energy saving and exhaustion reduction. Presently, Pengfei Group has applied for 3 developing patented, one new type useful patent.  


Pengfei Group is one of the professional oil sand gas retort manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory can offer you low price but quality, newest and advanced products made in China. We are one of the most famous such brands. Welcome to buy our customized, durable and easy-maintainable oil sand gas retort and also welcome to check the quotation with us.

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