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Coarse coal powder separator construction
Aug 29, 2016

High efficiency classifier by the inlet, outlet pipe, Hopper, shell, inner tube, bellows and explosion-proof valve consists of eight parts.

Separation mechanism of axial classifier is divided into three levels. First stage separation was due to gas-particle two-phase flow into the separator at about 16 to 18m/S, due to the sudden increase in the cross-sectional area, reduce the speed of air flow · (About 4m/S), larger particles gravitational settling. Hit the cone of force bends to the cone interior is separated out of the particles. Grade separation is the axial bezel impact and bends to the role of the interception and inertial separation. Grade separation is due to the axial shield diversion effect, forms a rotating flow field of airflow in the upper space, larger particles fall four week small grain exported from Central pipes left separator. Due to the large upper room, still has three-level gravity separation.

Cyclone only two-stage separation the gravity and centrifugal separation. About 1:5 of them.

Matters needing attention

1, regularly check the wear of cones to prevent wear out after Cone, pulverized coal into the inner cone, forming deposits and detonated. Found there is leakage of coal powder, compressed air shall promptly draw clean, and keep within the cone seal [1].

2, because the cone Hat cones are easily settled in pulverized coal, so stop grinding, continue pumping for 20 minutes, make deposits to eliminate and prevent spontaneous detonation.