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Characteristics of dry-mill
Aug 29, 2016

Cyclophosphamide short hollow shaft, cylinder short, so you can make the material easy to give in and easier to grade, reduce material residence time in the grinding machine, thus high production capacity;

II end cover and tube body vertical, and with double bump Crest-like lining Board (or said reversing lining Board), its role except protection end cover outside, also can prevent material produced partial analysis phenomenon, that material fell to a lining Board of Crest Hou, can was rebound to another party, makes of increased and whereabouts of material mutual collision of opportunities, while guarantee different block degrees of material in tube body do uniform distribution;

③ cylinder studded with t-shaped liners, riser, its role is to promote items to a certain height by its dead weight falls, to enhance the impact crushing effect;

④ feed after feeding trough into the mill, after the materials were broken with the fan air flow discharged from the mill, and then into the corresponding classification in grade, coarse material is in the process of with the help of self returns the Regrinding in the mill;

⑤ mill cylinder diameter is large, usually about three times its length.

Characteristics of wet autogenous mill

① end cap and shell is not a vertical connection, end cap tapered lining plate;

② discharge side increases the discharge grid Board, eliminated from the grid Board through the material cone sieve through product from the discharge port, oversize spiral from returning device return from mill to mill, formed their own closed-circuit grinding, you can further control the row size, reducing the amount of return;

③ feed side by moving to the mine car;

Black gear wheel fixed to the hollow shaft on the discharge. Other parts of wet autogenous mill structure and dry mill and approximately the same.