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Cement machinery start-up precautions and maintenance
Mar 03, 2018

Cement machinery to start again when checking the condition of the equipment, not only re-set production is crucial, but also daily work together to cause enough attention, cement machinery in the production process, should promptly check the lubrication of cement machinery , Timely maintenance, replacement of lubricating oil cement mill equipment is an important task, because this equipment life and work performance has played a crucial role in the above equipment chain parking lubrication area to add more lubricating oil can not be Can not be slightly, according to the specified request area to add, if the oil is too small, the equipment will be destroyed because less oil, if the oil is too much, it will cause the equipment overheating. There are also high-speed operation of the equipment, the quality of lubricating oil must be checked, the label can not be mistakes, but also to ensure that there is no water impurities.

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Cement machinery maintenance and repair:

1. Cement machinery regular maintenance and inspection. Bulk cement process must be in accordance with operating procedures, regular maintenance and repair, can not fight equipment. Develop equipment inspection system, through inspection, equipment can be anomalies and hidden dangers in a timely manner, for the existing problems, formulate measures, do a good job of maintenance work, compression repair time, improve the quality of repair. The company is located in:

2. Based on the analysis of the failure of cement machinery, a series of technical, organizational and management measures should be taken to establish and improve the job responsibility system, on the one hand to strengthen the education and training of maintenance personnel, on the other hand, the work and economic benefits hook up. The company is located in:

3 fault statistics and analysis. The failure of bulk cement equipment records, statistics, analysis and a series of management activities, in order to study the law of wear and tear equipment, develop maintenance standards to provide the raw data.
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4. Cement machinery failure records. Fault records are bulk cement production equipment failure, the inspection, diagnosis, to take measures to be ruled out, the entire process briefly recorded.

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