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Cement grinding process
Aug 29, 2016

1. broken machine 2. Rod adjustable valve 3-6. adjustable speed belt said 7. Belt conveying machine 8. upgrade machine 9. tube mill machine 10. heavy hammer turned Board valve 11. upgrade machine 12. selected powder machine 13. round lock valve 14. chain conveying machine 15. heavy hammer turned Board valve 16. chain conveying machine 17. butterfly valve 18. received dust device 19. Venetian valve 20. wind machine 21. steel ball upgrade machine 22. electric gourd 23-24. manual gourd, car 25. spiral conveying machine 26. upgrade machine 27. chain conveying machine 28. Warehouse top received dust device 29. material bit instrument 30. Manual valve 31-32. impeller to material machine 33-34. chain conveying machine 35-45. cement bulk system 46. upgrade machine 47. sieve 48. gate Board 49. packaging machine 50. Belt conveying machine 51-52. spiral conveying machine 53. Shang, Xia material bit instrument 54. received dust device 55. Venetian valve 56. wind machine 57. Belt conveying machine

Cement production layout in the mining establishment of cement clinker production line, near, in the city near the cement market to establish a cement grinding station. Cement mixture mostly of city industrial waste cement grinding station can be a great digestive near the city of slag, fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, such as industrial waste, is a green industry.