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Cement grinding equipmen
Aug 29, 2016

Cement mill equipment of composition for rough mill warehouse and fine mill warehouse, again mill of cavity mount has must proportion of high manganese steel steel ball, crushed and rough mill of proportion is mixed material to configuration good, through cement mill equipment mill out of material, after across class Board into fine of mill cavity, then for finely powder mill, mill Hou of material, through cement mill of tail for discharge, after discharge cement mill of material after air conveying, lock wind valve, bucket mention (bucket type upgrade machine) and air conveying equipment, then into to selected powder machine in the.

Cement grinding equipment not only has to collect the finished cement, and can clean gas dust removal effect, if after entering the dust collector dust through the air inlet, through oblique partition, turned to ash, while subject to inertia effects, particles in the air goes straight into the ash bucket, dust collection feature.

Cement mill started equipment should pay attention to what issues?

Cement mill started to check the condition of the equipment, be set up not only the production time is crucial, and in the total daily paid enough attention.

In the production process, please check the lubricating condition of the cement mill:

Timely maintenance, replaced lubricants is cement mill equipment of a items important of work, because this on equipment of life and work performance up to has vital of role, top equipment of chain parking lubrication district to of lubricants of added cannot more also cannot slightly, to according to specified of requirements district added, if oil too little, equipment will because less oil and damage off, if oil volume too much, also will caused equipment of overheating. also has the equipment belongs to high-speed run, lubricants of quality must to checks, label cannot appeared errors, To ensure that no impurities in the water.