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Autogenous mill
Aug 29, 2016

Mill also known as autogenous mill ore machine, it works with ball mills are basically the same, different is its shell diameter larger without grinding media in ball or any other, but use the cylinder was crushed materials as a medium in itself, in the cylinder body continuously shocks and grinding each other to achieve the purpose of grinding. Sometimes, in order to increase capacity, can also add a small amount of steel ball, usually only a percent of mill volume.

Mill and is characterized from the Stope ore or rough ground ore directly to the grinding machine. Minerals usually according to a certain ratio of size to the rod mill grinding machine. Mill and the material can be a grind to -0.074mm more than 20%~50% of the total content of the product. Crush up to 4000~5000, than the ball, Rod mill high more than 10 times. Since the mill is a kind of crushing and grinding of two kinds of new type of grinding equipment. Medium it uses material itself through mutual impacting and grinding effect of crushed, hence the name of the mill. Also known as autogenous mill grinding machine.