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Autogenous grinding technology
Aug 29, 2016

Ore mill and can handle any nature, especially in the crushing of asbestos, iron ore, copper, limestone, gold, manganese ore and other materials will work better. Since the mill is characterized by crushing ratio, the feed is 300-400 mm (special cases up to 910 mm), since the mill can be a grind to the product size is 0.1 mm. Crushing ratio is up 3000-4000 than ball or rod Mills crush more than 10 times larger than dozens of times. This is the most important feature, since technology has the following advantages:

① reduce crushing, grinding and transport equipment, streamline the process, covering an area of small, less investment in infrastructure;

② saving grinding media consumption, reducing power consumption, reducing operator, reducing equipment maintenance costs;

③ with wide, without the limitation of ore types;

④ ore grinding, selective crushing effect, crush less, therefore, separation, it will help improve beneficiation indexes, raising concentrate grade and recovery rates.