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Auxiliary Equipment

  • Rotary Dryer

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    Rotary Dryer

    Technical Parameters of GZ Series Rotary Dryer: Note: 1. the feeding temperature is about 150-350℃, and the discharging temperature is 70-90℃. 2. The production capacity depends on the components of materials and producing conditions. As a professional manufacturer and...Read More

  • Rotary Drum Granulator

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    Rotary Drum Granulator

    Description of TQT Series Rotary Drum Granulator: Our TQT rotary drum granulator is an essential machine for compound fertilizer production. Its granulation ratio is as much as 70%, and its granulated products have strength more than 10N. Besides, its products have even...Read More

  • Rotary Cooler

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    Rotary Cooler

    Technical Parameters of LQ Series Rotary Cooler: Note: The feeding temperature is 65-85℃, and the discharging temperature is less than 45℃. Established in 1994, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rotary cooler in China. Besides rotary cooler, we...Read More

  • Others Chemical Container

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    Others Chemical Container

    Here in Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, we also have many other chemical containers for customers worldwide, and in the following, some examples will be given. 1. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) storage tank, liquid ammonia storage tank, liquid chlorine, various air buffer...Read More

  • Monocular Cooler

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    Monocular Cooler

    Description of Monocular Cooler: This monocular cooler is an important device in the rotary kiln system. Clinker, whose temperature is 1000 to 1200℃, driven by the rotating cylinder, can take full heat exchange with air so that their temperature can be cooled down to less...Read More

  • High Efficiency Horizontal Chain Crusher

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    High Efficiency Horizontal Chain Crusher

    Description of WP Series High-Efficiency Horizontal Chain Crusher: Our WP series high-efficiency horizontal chain crusher is typically designed to crush lumps of compound fertilizers, cement clinkers and many other materials in chemical industry, building material field,...Read More

  • Gypsum Dehydrator

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    Gypsum Dehydrator

    Description of Gypsum Dehydrator: This gypsum dehydrator is typically designed to rapidly remove moisture from gypsum. Our gypsum dehydrator mainly consists of spindle, dispersion device shell, and transmission device. Driven by the transmission device, the dispersion device...Read More

  • Fertilizer Vibrating Screen

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    Fertilizer Vibrating Screen

    Description of Fertilizer Vibrating Screen: Our fertilizer vibrating screen is mainly used in screening and separating of semi-finished and finished compound fertilizer. And it is mainly comprised of vibrating motor, screen box, damping spring, supporting seat, etc. Its...Read More

  • Fertilizer Batching Scales

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    Fertilizer Batching Scales

    Features of Fertilizer Batching Scales: 1. The spring of its batching sensor is totally sealed and coated, thus improving its anti-corrosion capacity. 2. This fertilizer batching scales have stable performance and strong anti-jamming capacity. 3. Its materials measuring error...Read More

  • Drum Granulator

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    Drum Granulator

    Description of ZL Series Drum Granulator: This ZL drum granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer industry, and quite appropriate for cold and hot, high and low concentration granulation of compound fertilizers. Parameters of ZL Series Drum Granulator: Note: 1....Read More

  • Disc Granulator

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    Disc Granulator

    Description of QPY Disc Granulator: Our QPY disc granulator is typically designed to process compound fertilizers into specific shapes, and granules processed by this machine are in the same size. It has advantages of simple structure, energy saving, less quick-wear...Read More

  • CLK Cyclone Environmental Protection Equipment

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    CLK Cyclone Environmental Protection Equipment

    Description Our CLK type cyclone environmental protection equipment is typically designed to separate solid particulate matter from air or liquid. As an environmental friendly machine, it is mainly used in the construction field, and its main components consist of barrel, air...Read More

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